July 22, 2009

Tramp Stamps, Continued...

Ok, ok. So the Tramp Stamp thing. I argued that the girls who get the little sissy delicate "butterfly" tats are the ones I consider a tramp stamp. I mean, what, they went to a shop probably all drunk and gigly and stuck their ass in the artist face and sat there all of 20 minutes to get their picture they picked off the wall inked on. Barely a step up from the rub and sticks you get from the quarter vending machines. Please.

Sorry but I have never liked a sissy girl. Girly yes. Sissy no. So I argue that mine does not fit the tramp stamp category because its big. Ok, true I got it when I was 17; with a home made gun; on a living room floor; while heavily under the influence but so what?! Some might say I was stupid (especially my mother) but I take it as a testament to my sense of adventure and spontaneity! Or at least I will until I fork over nearly a grand to get it um, straightened up.

Tramp stamp or not, boys let me tell you something here: Girls get tatoos there for a reason! First of all the lower back is a place that feels good. Like, "please touch it, rub it, lick it" whatever kind of good. Its like getting the engine revving on a car. You want to pay attention here. A tramp stamp says

"Pay attention HERE"

(yes you boys needs obvious directions, most of the time)

Secondly a tramp stamp (gigly drunken shop girl or not) says


We girls like adventure! We like a little edge. And while some of us may be content as "SUZI HOMEMAKER" I bet you money that every girl has her "SUZI DICKSUCKER" just below the surface. We like to be sexy! And that, my friends can not be argued.

Girls 1, Boys 0

damn it unless you count the fact that they still get to drool over our tramp stamps:
Girls 1, Boys 1 =(


Anonymous said...

Funny honey...except the only difference is sticking their ass in front of an artist's face and not sticking it in front of everyone on a living room floor!

Boys 2 Girls 1

Anonymous said...

Also just to point out, i'm not complaining I like the Tramp Stamp and what it stands for. Yummy just how I like my woman you should know. lol. However it is what it is. I still love you baby.

SUZI Q said...


Captain Dumbass said...

I love that the smart ass (heh) comments and jabs can carry on from real life into your comment section. If my wife ever starts a blog it will be food porn and not quite as much fun. She calls my back tat a tramp stamp too, but mine goes all the way up to my shoulders and I only wish that I was drunk for that.

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