July 21, 2009

"Poop in his hand! Poop in his hand!"

One great thing about having kids is that you can be a total dork with them and they love it! For example, all day today I have been randomly yelling out, "Poop in his hand! Poop in his hand!" from that hampster movie preview. My 8 year old laughs hysterically. 8 year olds are goofy as hell. Anyone else would probably just think I had tourretts syndrome or something.

So I just took some advil pm's since how I've been in crack mode for about 10 days now. Reference my first blog: I was worried about this. I blog instead of sleep. I blog instead of make dinner. I blog instead of acknowledging my husband when he comes home. I get into a zombie trance, I can sit here for hours. Average bed time lately is not earlier than 3am. So I'm going to sit here and tweak until I flop over onto my pillow and drool. Ahhh bliss.

My baby girl is getting so big! 3 months old already. I spent several hours going through her clothes and purging what she has already outgrown. Its a sad thing for a mommy to do; packing up all the little tiny onsies and her little pink ruffle dress she wore home from the hospital. My husband keeps talking about getting me pregnant again but I think he is much more interested in the process rather than the outcome. =)

Speaking of which...I hope he makes it home before the pillow drool sequence.


Anonymous said...

Yes the process is much more intresting....That's why birth control was invented damn it!!!!

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