July 16, 2009

I've done it for a latte.

A long, long time ago I held the fashionable title of Barista at Starbucks. The opening shift was at 4:30am. I would drag in, squinty eyed and fumble my way to the I.V. tap filled with espresso. My first latte I drank slowly and would get me from squinty to half mast. Latte two would make me tolerable to talk to and almost friendly. By lattes three and four my blood would be swing dancing through my veins to the latest Starbucks Hear Music.

So now, years later (latte or not, age slows you down) I've joined this women's only workout bootcamp to kick down some of this leftover baby weight. Its working great so far!

What is not working is the 4:45am start time! 5 days a week these crazy women spring out of bed to run and squat and ick, do situps? And whats worse is we pay for this torture. Last class we had to run a mile and get clocked on our time. What am I in high school again?

Ok, ok I fess up. I am actually in the 9am class BUT that is just as early for me! The other night I went to bed at 4am soooo, you get it.

Anyway, 9am came and went this Thursday without so much as a crack of the eyelid so now I am making up the class at the only other dreaded 4:45am spot. I think its completely insane and have never been one to commit to the popular country club goin', suburbian "active lifestyle". Hence the gained ahem, 40 pounds while pregnant.

No, I do not enjoy the class one bit. The only thing that is motivating me to go is the glimpse I'm seeing of the MILF body I had before all those damn super burritos and enchiladas. And 6 dollar burgers. And fries. And fat stacks of chocolate chip pancakes...

I CAN do this! I've done it for a latte.


Anonymous said...

why did you join a bootcamp style regiment? an overall balance in all aspects of your life physically and mentally will far outweigh the benefits of physical torture!

SUZI Q said...

lol. so serious mr. mushu tofu! but yes you are correct. my sleep pattern, eating and overall schedule are ERRATIC. the boot camp is only 4 weeks, thats why i joined it...to give me a much needed jump start. since getting a little blood flowing i've decided to take up yoga a few times a week and amused myself with the Shimmy program on FIT tv. Belly dancing, by the way, is much harder than it looks! I realised that I have zero coordination left =( Maybe I should Poi. I'm down.

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