July 13, 2009

Jagermeister and Koala Bears

So I was at the bowling alley the other night where a group of our friends were supposed to have a few drinks and engage in an oh so thrilling game of bowling.

Being that the bowling alley also has a sports bar attached with a live band and all we never actually made it out to the lanes.

Well sometime after my fourth or maybe fifth Jagerbomb (I think I had 7 or 8 in a few hours time ...nevermind the Jager, thats A LOT of Redbull!) I had to go pee before I felt it running down my legs from the incessant laughter at well, all things hillarious when drunk. So I headed to the bathroom.

Quite naturally the womans bathroom had a line. Duh right? What was not so natural was the Koala Bear Care baby changing station I noticed mounted on the wall while waiting in that line. I pulled it down to examine it and even confirmed with the other woman that there was in fact a baby changing station in the bar bathroom! WTF?

Nighty Night Baby!
This is my first photoshop project! lol...not too bad I think. Any tips or tricks you know of, please share!


Anonymous said...

adults wear diapers too.

quality photoshopping. its the content and delivery that matter here.

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