July 21, 2009

The I.T. Department, my friend.

Dear I.T. People,

You are truly amazing. Without you I would have no clue how to work shit. I am one of the people who pounds on the keyboard and clicks 15 times too many when it doesn't GO. Yes I am one of the people you will ask if I have checked if the computer is plugged in as you roll your eyes and sigh at yet another moron.

I hate technical stuff. I am even having issues with this damn blog. How hard can it possibly freakin be?? I think you brainiac programmers make shit compicated on purpose. So you can feel smart and we can feel dumb. But, whatever, its cool as long as you fix it. I understand the need for job security. Its true that the world would not function without nerds.

So hats off to you. Keep posting your "how to" tutorials in lamens terms for the rest of us right brained, flowers and puppies and all things pretty and free kinds of people.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Power to the nerds...That is why you have me your own personal IT man except when it comes to that stupid Photoshop program. Grrrrr I hate it.

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