July 13, 2009

To blog or not to blog...

About 3 days ago my husband introduced me to the world of blogging. Yes I was completely oblivious before that. How, I don't know. ??? Anyway, cool! i loved it. I was highly entertained by some of the blogs he found and read to me like "He blogs, She blogs" and "Motherhood Uncensored". So we decided to create one. Great! Well for 3 days we have both opened it up, managed the profile options, tweaked the colors but no post. I found that i had an unsettled feeling about the whole thing. A freakish windfall of thoughts and emotions quickly surrounded me. Okay? Over a blog??

Hear me out a minute:

1. What is the point? No, really. Couldn't I just get a diary? Boring, I agree.

2. What will I write? Will anyone read it? Does it matter? Wait, but isn't that the point?

3. Isn't it a little narcissistic? I guess it can't really be any worse than posting pics on Myspace and counting your profile view. lol

4. Will I get sucked into a deep vortex blogging incessantly? Highly likely.

So I decided to Google it. This is what I found: A top 10 list of why to and why not to blog....

3. Because no one really wants to read what you have to say.
“Why should all learning professionals be blogging any more than they should all be presenting at conferences, producing papers, writing books or sharing their views, opinions and knowledge through any other medium?” (Barry Sampson)

5. Because bloggers are narcissists (Peter Isackson) only interested in establishing a Cult of Personality (saw that in a discussion group) – and you’re so not that way.

HA HA. at least I'm not the only one.

6. Because it will change your life.
“there is something that happens to a person when they hit that "publish" button - you cross a threshold - you move from consumer to producer - you put your intellectual neck on the line and I really think that you aren't the same person after that.” (Mark Oehlert)

This last one hit the nail on the head for me! My perfectionist nature was rearing its ugly head inside me once again. That monster inside who at times keeps me from doing anything for fear of possible failure, which for me is usually anything short of my Plan A. Like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, "there is no plan B." I could only cross that threshold of the unknown once I was good and ready. Being at a crossroads in life, standing on the edge of a precipice i decided to jump. And so, rather dramatically, here I go.

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