August 9, 2009

Julie and Julia the movie

hhhaaaaahhhh. exhale.

I loved this movie. As I knew I would. I took my little girl to see it and she loved it too. Shes 8 and she loves to cook. Or at least help me with the chocolate chip pancakes.

=( I do not really cook. I wish I did. I have wished it for years. I get into phases where I will try lots of recipies but in general we eat lots of fast food.

I knew this lady once named Norma. She was from Bermuda I think. That chick made the best food ever. It was to die for. And she did it so effortlessly. Like, we would have roasted duck for an afternoon snack. No big deal for her. Mmmmmm.

Anyway, the point is that from that time I loved the way the food tasted and how it made me feel to eat such delicious things. And I especially loved how good food is such a great way to bring people together. I mean, people really open up and feel comfortable and comforted with delicious foods to share. I wanted that. I wanted to entertain, to cook for my husband and family and friends. To teach my children how to cook. To have friends over who oohed and ahhed over the grub, who went home fat and joyous. Somehow its a blessing to be able to provide that. I think it has something to do with being a women. That need and desire to feed and nurture.

I love to set a beautiful table. I love to plate the food and sauces in little dishes and platters. I love smelling the aromas. I love to create something new. I love to see my little girl come alive when I ask her to help me in the kitchen. She is all about it.

One of the problems I find now is that my husband likes Mexican food and flamin hot cheetos. I love mexican food too but I want to cook all sorts of things. He is satisfied with a microwaved quesidilla or a pb&j. I love italian food and he hates ricotta cheese. Ugh. I am greatful though that he will try and eat a little of whatever I make. He is very good about that.

Ramble on...

I loved the movie because I relate very much to Julie. I often find myself wondering whats next. I never finish anything either. She was really ambitious though. I try to get myself to do one new recipe a week and usually don't even do that. So all in all my point is (I think)(I'm getting tired and not sure what I'm talking about anymore) that the movie was good and inspired me to continue on to reach my goal to be able to cook how I want to. And to finish something. I have just enrolled in school, again, to finish up my degree. It will probably take me 4 years (for my AS, lol) but thats ok. Like my daddy always said, "4 years is a long time but its going to go by no matter what. You can have a degree at the end or not." I say thats wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess you can always make what ever you like and just put a few flaming hot chettos on the plate instead of the green beans and we will be all good. :)

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