August 15, 2009

A bad habit

Oh my we have started a bad habit my husband and I. We have forgone sex and conversation for blogging!

We lay in bed with the tv on whatever it lands on, laptops in hand and we listen to the clicks and clacks of keys being punched. There will be an occasional giggle if we are reading a blog.

Then, when we are done, we read each others blog to see what the other is up to. Power down, and say good night.

WTF?! Is this normal?


Anonymous said...

I think thats your problem, don't forgot my persistent attempts to fondle you while you were typing.

SUZI Q said...

Yes honey I remember. But I also remember those gropes were in an attempt to get your second blow job for the day. Because you were tired, and well, of course its much easier just to lay back and be taken care of. You are such a guy.

Anonymous said...

Very true I was hoping you didn't know.

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