August 27, 2009

FIFA, Wakeboards and Laundry

Today when I drowsily drug myself out of bed I fed my baby and changed her into a new outfit, because it was clean. It must have been a good feeding because shortly thereafter she blew it up, and out, and all over her new outfit leaving, nothing clean.

So I decided I could not put off the mountains of laundry any longer and I started the chores. Except I could barely move because I went wakeboarding yesterday. Bending to pick clothes up, forget it!

You see we went early on a Wednesday so there were only about 4 other boats on the lake and they were all fishing. The water was like glass! It was great so I took advantage and did about 3 more runs than usual and as my skills are improving I did much more edging and jumping and was even comfortable enough to be pulled at a higher speed. Except the last run I did after a couple spiked fruit punch drinks, WOO! I thought I was superwoman and was jumping the wakes and haulin ass across the lake like I was a pro. Ouch. I feel it today.

Anyway for months my husband (Campeon) has been mentioning how he wants to hook up the Xbox to the internet and blah blah, whatever. I had no clue what he was talking about so I would just roll my eyes or walk away. Recently we switched to Comcast and he was able to hook it up. All of the sudden I realize why its called Xbox Live. He is actually playing other people on FIFA. Duh. Now, I'm usually completely disinterested in gaming but this really caught my attention. He has the little headphone thingy so I wanted to listen. HA HA. Its just like the movie "The Breakup" when he is talking shit to the little kid who is kicking his ass. Which by the way was happening to Campeon as well. I was highly entertained by it. However he takes that as a licence to play all the time.

Well I was just here for a break... I'm off with my Suzi SuperMOM cape once more to tackle the remaining laundry, sore muscles and all. While Campeon sits and shouts obscenities at the Fifa game that he is playing... again.


Anonymous said...

XBox Live is Anger Management...come on that little kid I'm yelling at probably needs it as he has a daddy complex otherwise he wouldn't be so damn good on 360.

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