August 15, 2009 like that

So the more time I spend on the blogshpere the more and more amazing blogs I find. Which leaves me wondering, will mine ever be that cool? How can I possibly attain such greatness?

And the Blogher convention? Cool! Sounds like a ball. If it turns out I don't have what it takes or whatever I'm good with that but I'm fascinated by the whole "billboard in the desert" thing turned urban gathering, viaaaa?

So my question goes out, yes in the desert, to anyone who may be passing by, how did you do it? What is this all really about? Friends, venting, laughter? What inspired you to start blogging? Did you like it when people started reading or did it become added pressure? And mostly, how do you find the time not only to blog but to keep up on reading all the other great blogs?!

By the way thanks to all the bloggers as I am highly entertained by your stuff! And a special shoutout to Captain Dumbass for following. A gesture of encouragement I'm sure but appreciated none the less. Its a great day when your fan fare doubles! LOL

Lost in the desert for now,
Suzi Q


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