August 15, 2009

Camping: Round 1

My comment on Stuff White People Like #128: Camping.

Here is a great example of what a lack of running water for three days looks like:
I am white and I love to camp! My husband however is less fond. He is mexican. A damn white washed mexican if I say so though becuase as you can see he is still concerned that after three days of everything covered in dirt that his nuts are clean.

Tip for the white people. Mexicans will go camping as long as:

1. There is at least one seperate cooler packed with beer and
2. A bottle of tequilla.
3. Its probably a good idea to also bring some Vicente Fernandez or Menudo for campfire music as they will not be feeling the B-52's.

Please note: they WILL bring along their little yap dog chiuahua who is likely to pee on your tent and will bark all day cuz he thinks he's Kujo. Do not try to tell the dog to be quiet because he only speaks spanish, and therefore will not understand you. They do however, tend to understand the back of your foot up their ass. Please wait until nightfall before any such corrections.


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