October 13, 2009

One for the books...Stupid Mom Moment #216

Somebody please send in my terrible mother of the year nomination.

Today while I was getting the baby dressed after a bath I slipped her diaper under her bum and grabbed the diaper rash ointment and applied a rather generous blob to her butt. About half a second before I began rubbing it all in my other daughter looks at me a little confused and asks, "Icy Hot?"

AAAHhhhhhh!! OMG, did I really just put Icy Hot on my baby's ass? How ironic because as Campeon and I used it a couple of nights before we were exchanging stories of times the Icy Hot got applied to the thigh and made its way a little too close to home for comfort. Ouch.

Flipping the tube over did in fact reveal the big red and blue letters "Icy Hot". Shit! I quickly wiped the goo off and called for emergency backup from my discerning daughter to get a rag with soap all the while waiting for the screaming to start. Well the baby's face got a little red and she got a look about her that said, "I am uncomfortable and not sure why" but she did not scream or even cry. Thank God. "Sister really saved your ass on this one, literally."

I was completely in shock. You see the tube was upside down on my night stand next to the Orajel and baby lotion. It looked the same to me. Didn't even think to look at it. Looked the same coming out too. =(

What else can I say but, its one for the books...Stupid Mom Moment #216.

Honor Thy iCal

True to my pencil sharpening nature, when we got this iMac I filled up nearly the entire year on the iCal with all sorts of things.

I have a calendar for home, one for work, one for my daughter's activities, one for ahem "family planning" which by the way does not appear to be working (we can be sure in the next couple of days here), one for chores, one for school, birthdays, etc, etc.

Well, much to Campeon's dismay, this last Wednesday I gleefully announced that today was marked for cleaning out the garage! Oh glorious day that only comes two times a year. He argued, and fought and pleaded but eventually gave in because he knew as well as I did that it really needed to be done!

Well after only a few hours we got it all spruced up and guess what miraculous thing happened next? Suddenly Campeon could get to his things again and finally decided to finish the missing grout in our kitchen which we re-tiled...6 months ago. I kept telling him "honey, its kind of ghetto to sweep and mop the kitchen, then have to bust out the vacuum cleaner hose to get all the crumbs from the cracks."

Moral of the story: Honor thy iCal and you shall see great rewards.

My kitchen now looks great by the way. Nice work baby!

September 12, 2009

My New iMac

I've spent nearly every waking swine infected hour on my new iMac since it arrived Wednesday morning. We were seriously going to leave the plastic on so our new toy wouldn't get swine flu all over it but when I peeled it back just to peek I had to take it off. Isn't it pretty?!

This thing is exactly what they advertise. A beast of a machine that is also beautiful. The problem is that we spent $1500 bucks on a machine on the basis that we knew how to use the iPod. (ok so we did more research than that). The point is that it is amazing...and would be cooler still if I could use it!

I grew up on pc's. I remember my first computer was a Tandy 1000 complete with a gaming "joystick". Yeeeaaahh. So I am literally programmed by Microsoft. The basics of the Mac are not difficult as soon as you figure out the tweaks such as the non existent right click. WTF?

I am currently working on Freeway 5 web design software and it too is cool but apparently designed by little Jimmy Neutron himself. I find it akin to Adobe Photoshop in that there are a million different things you can do with it and that damn thing about having the proper layer highlighted. That gets frustrating when you aren't used to it and keep tweaking the wrong parts. Especially when you are impatient by nature.

Click, tweak. Click, tweak. Click, tweak!

Ugh. So anyway I'm getting back to my tutorials now to keep learning this mess. Anyone else made the switch, please, a little encouragement!

P.S. I have survived the awful swine flu and am happy to report that I'm starting to feel better and symptoms are clearing up. Woo hoo!

September 8, 2009


Anyone a LOST fan? I love that show and I miss it. I never watched it when it came out but one day a couple of weeks after the baby was born Campeon stumbled upon it and decided to give it a whirl. We started watching together online from episode one and got hooked.

Normally I hate sci-fi. Like really, hate it. But Lost is kind of cool because it takes you just out far enough before it reels you back into reality. Its also like a big mind game...just what the hell is actually going on? Hard to tell.

So anyway, we went a little crazy and opted out of sleep almost entirely for 2 or 3 weeks watching episode after episode, season after season. Didn't we have anything better to do? No. Remember I said I just had the baby? You know, the whole 6 week dark night of sexlessness? So nope, watching Lost was definitely our best option to keep us entertained and help pass the time.

Come 4am, fighting our eyelids from closing and eager to start "just one more" episode of season 5 we found that, like the island, it had been moved and was in itself now lost. Boo. Now what?

My question is, where the hell did that creep Jacob move season five of Lost? We want to watch it. Its not available online and you can't even buy it at the store. I need answers ABC!

September 6, 2009

Elote, Elote!

Mmmm. Tonight we build a fire in the pit in the backyard and roasted 24 elotes. Elotes are corn on the cobs done up mexican style with mayonaise, queso seco, lime and chili powder. You can boil them but tonight we all agreed that fire roasted totally changes the flavor and is far superior. You can get them a lot of times for a couple bucks from someone selling them on a cart.

Now, every single person (myself included) who we have ever offered one to has been grossed out and less than enthusiastic about trying it.

And, every single person who we have ever offered one to was sold within two bites. They are freakin delicious!

If you ever see someone selling them in the street get one! You will be hooked. They are a such a treat. Keep in mind they are very messy but the key to enjoying it fully is to just mash away at it regardless of all the stuff ALL over your hands and face. Think kid enjoying an ice cream.

Mmmm. Mmmm. So good!