October 13, 2009

Honor Thy iCal

True to my pencil sharpening nature, when we got this iMac I filled up nearly the entire year on the iCal with all sorts of things.

I have a calendar for home, one for work, one for my daughter's activities, one for ahem "family planning" which by the way does not appear to be working (we can be sure in the next couple of days here), one for chores, one for school, birthdays, etc, etc.

Well, much to Campeon's dismay, this last Wednesday I gleefully announced that today was marked for cleaning out the garage! Oh glorious day that only comes two times a year. He argued, and fought and pleaded but eventually gave in because he knew as well as I did that it really needed to be done!

Well after only a few hours we got it all spruced up and guess what miraculous thing happened next? Suddenly Campeon could get to his things again and finally decided to finish the missing grout in our kitchen which we re-tiled...6 months ago. I kept telling him "honey, its kind of ghetto to sweep and mop the kitchen, then have to bust out the vacuum cleaner hose to get all the crumbs from the cracks."

Moral of the story: Honor thy iCal and you shall see great rewards.

My kitchen now looks great by the way. Nice work baby!


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