October 13, 2009

One for the books...Stupid Mom Moment #216

Somebody please send in my terrible mother of the year nomination.

Today while I was getting the baby dressed after a bath I slipped her diaper under her bum and grabbed the diaper rash ointment and applied a rather generous blob to her butt. About half a second before I began rubbing it all in my other daughter looks at me a little confused and asks, "Icy Hot?"

AAAHhhhhhh!! OMG, did I really just put Icy Hot on my baby's ass? How ironic because as Campeon and I used it a couple of nights before we were exchanging stories of times the Icy Hot got applied to the thigh and made its way a little too close to home for comfort. Ouch.

Flipping the tube over did in fact reveal the big red and blue letters "Icy Hot". Shit! I quickly wiped the goo off and called for emergency backup from my discerning daughter to get a rag with soap all the while waiting for the screaming to start. Well the baby's face got a little red and she got a look about her that said, "I am uncomfortable and not sure why" but she did not scream or even cry. Thank God. "Sister really saved your ass on this one, literally."

I was completely in shock. You see the tube was upside down on my night stand next to the Orajel and baby lotion. It looked the same to me. Didn't even think to look at it. Looked the same coming out too. =(

What else can I say but, its one for the books...Stupid Mom Moment #216.


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