September 12, 2009

My New iMac

I've spent nearly every waking swine infected hour on my new iMac since it arrived Wednesday morning. We were seriously going to leave the plastic on so our new toy wouldn't get swine flu all over it but when I peeled it back just to peek I had to take it off. Isn't it pretty?!

This thing is exactly what they advertise. A beast of a machine that is also beautiful. The problem is that we spent $1500 bucks on a machine on the basis that we knew how to use the iPod. (ok so we did more research than that). The point is that it is amazing...and would be cooler still if I could use it!

I grew up on pc's. I remember my first computer was a Tandy 1000 complete with a gaming "joystick". Yeeeaaahh. So I am literally programmed by Microsoft. The basics of the Mac are not difficult as soon as you figure out the tweaks such as the non existent right click. WTF?

I am currently working on Freeway 5 web design software and it too is cool but apparently designed by little Jimmy Neutron himself. I find it akin to Adobe Photoshop in that there are a million different things you can do with it and that damn thing about having the proper layer highlighted. That gets frustrating when you aren't used to it and keep tweaking the wrong parts. Especially when you are impatient by nature.

Click, tweak. Click, tweak. Click, tweak!

Ugh. So anyway I'm getting back to my tutorials now to keep learning this mess. Anyone else made the switch, please, a little encouragement!

P.S. I have survived the awful swine flu and am happy to report that I'm starting to feel better and symptoms are clearing up. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Googling on a $1500 iMac is so much better than our old pc's. Although I may need sun block as I think the hugh ass screen is giving me sunburn.

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