September 3, 2009

You, Me, and Dupree

No not the movie but close to it. I'm talking about me, Campeon, and his laptop. Several times this week I woke up in the morning scrunched up and half hanging off my side of the bed. Campeon was right next to me taking the entire middle section with his laptop on the left - with its own pillow. Fantastic.

Here we are with a 4 month old baby (to which people always ask if we are getting any sleep) and the answer is always "yes". Because she sleeps all night in her own crib and loves it that way. So we have plenty of room in our bed and sleep like champs because we are not worrying about rolling over on her.

Until last week.

I don't know why Campeon decided to let his laptop sleep with us but I do know that he did make room for it and took what was left leaving me scrunched and...irritated. WTF babe? Give your Google and now blogging addictions a rest! And I don't mean on your freakin pillow. You better watch that precious little laptop of yours or my large milk filled titties might just roll over in the middle of the night and leak and suffocate your hard drive. That would be tragic.


Anonymous said...

Your right my laptop could be in mortal danger. You think we can get a crib put in our room for it instead? Ok nevermind but just thought I would ask.

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